Step by step guide for checking grades with a Leica Rugby Laser.

This application is shown using a Leica Rod Eye 140, Classic Receiver.

Checking Grades Step-By-Step


  1. Set up the Rugby on a tripod.
  2. Set up the tripod on a stable surface outside the working area.
  3. Attach the receiver to a rod.
  4. Turn on the Rugby and the receiver.
  5. Set the base of the rod on a known point for the finished grade.
  6. Adjust the height of the receiver on the rod until the on-grade (centre-line) position is indicated on the receiver by:
    1. the centre bar
    2. the green flashing LED
    3. a solid audio tone
  7. Set the rod with the attached receiver on top of the excavation or concrete pour to check for correct elevation.
  8. Variances can be read with the arrow display.
    1. (7a) Position is too high.
    2. (7b) Position is too low.
    3. (7c) Position is on grade.

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