Step by step guide for manual grading with a Leica Rugby Laser.

This application is shown using a Rod Eye 140, Classic Receiver.

Manual Grading Step-by-Step
  1. Set up the Rugby and the slope adapter on a tripod.
  2. Set up the tripod at the base of the slope with the Rugby and the slope adaptor pointing in the direction of the desired slope.
  3. Set the slope adapter to the zero position on the bracket and on the knob.
  4. Roughly level the top of the tripod using the circular level on the slope adapter.
  5. Before entering grade in the slope adapter, start the Rugby in Manual Mode:
    Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to change to Manual Mode.
    The Rugby will beep 5 times while holding the Power Button.
    After releasing the button, the Rugby levels. The levelling LED flashes green, then turns solid green for a few seconds.
    After levelling, the levelling LED turns red and the Rugby is in Manual Mode.
  6. Attach the receiver to a rod.
  7. Turn on the receiver.
  8. At the base of the slope, adjust the height of the receiver on the rod until the on-grade (centre-line) position is indicated on the receiver by:
    1. the centre bar
    2. the green flashing LED
    3. a solid audio tone
  9. The desired slope can be set with the slope adapter.
  10. The receiver can now be used to control the grade of the slope.

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