How to update the latest Ordnance Survey coordinates on Leica Viva.

Includes instructions on downloading coordinate files, copying files to the device, importing the coordinate system to the controller and changing the coordinate system.

Step 1.

Download the coordinate files.

or click the link below.

Step 2.

Copy the following files to your device:
TRFSET.DAT file > DBX folder

OSGM15GB.GEM > Data/gps/geoid > Data/gps/Cscs

You can now put the memory device in your controller.

Step 3.

Import coordinate system to controller.
Go to User > Tools > Transfer User objects.

Step 4.

From memory device (USB or SD card depending on
what has been used) to internal memory.
Transfer coordinate system > OSGB15
Transfer cscs file: OSTN15GB

Transfer gem file: OSGM15GB

Accept any warnings coming up on the screeen.

Step 5.

Change coordinate system.
Go to Jobs and data > Job properties > Coordinate system
Change to OSGB15, and note that the OSGM15GB
files and OSTN15GB are there.
You are now ready to work with OSGB15 coordinate system.

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